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"Pealow’s imagery is evocative, capturing minor seeds and the macro cosmos… an inhale before a reimagining of the gift of deceleration.”

—Attorious Renee Augustin (Clarion Reviews)


"Pealow skillfully uses a variety of poetic devices and forms to effectively address systemic constructs—not only in Canada, but all over the world. An emotional and educational set of works that will successfully increase awareness of issues involving colonialism and environmentalism.”

—Kirkus Reviews


About the Book

We are living in a time characterized by violence in many forms, stemming from systems built upon mental models that need to be challenged.


Flowing Over the Land and Water—a collection of poetic reflections—marks a threshold for anyone on a journey of decolonization. This book invites you into different ways of seeing, living, and being in relationships with yourself, others, and the world.


Beginning with a playful exploration of the absurdities of life in a modern, colonial world, this collection of poetry is rendered in seven parts—States of Disconnect, Resistance, Release, Reflection, Relationship, Response, and Reciprocity.


Blending poetry, systems thinking, and nature, Flowing Over the Land and Water will be of particular value to people interested in the decolonization of self and systems, to Northern Canadians, and to those who seek out beautiful, accessible poetry. Whether you’re an avid outdoors person who enjoys reading around a campfire; a student of systems-thinking theory and practice; interested in different ways of living and being; or embarking on a personal journey of decolonization; these thought-provoking pieces will offer a gateway to understanding and actualization.

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