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Think outside.

There is no box.

It has been described as "experiential unsticking". No matter the problem you're wrestling with, ​we can design a facilitated on-the-land experience to help you and/or your team find a way forward.

Tap into the innate wisdom of the natural world with our land-based workshops. These workshops combine theory and practice, so come ready to play and learn and maybe even get a little dirty.

  • The Art of Storytelling

  • Intuitive Nature (working with intuition and inspiration from nature)

  • Natural Creativity/Wild Innovation

  • Exploring Worldviews and Ethical Spaces

  • Seeing in Systems​


Does your team need a change of scenery or an opportunity to come together in a different way? We offer several different types of land-based retreats, ranging from 1-5 days.


Make it a journey to remember.


Themed retreats include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Relationships & Team-building

  • Tech Cleanse

  • Sensing Nature

  • Nature Intelligence

You can sit in a hotel conference room or you can host a plenary session gathered around a campfire - or even while rafting down a river, surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

Where better than the great outdoors to bring diverse groups together to tackle complex problems and co-design innovative solutions? Meeting on the land changes relationship dynamics and makes new things possible.

With our partners, we can work with you to outfit and guide truly  transformative experiences. Check out some of epic adventures available.







Talk with us and we'll design an event that makes sense for you.


 Adventure Conferences/

Adventure Labs

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